Your thoughts
in one inbox.

Write emails, create notes, set reminders and assign to-dos — your everyday tools in Twobird.

Notes & email bring your thoughts together.

Jot down ideas for your next project, plan your grocery list, manage your family budget and send mom an email; all from one place.

Scheduled an appointment? Create a reminder inside your inbox. Twobird will alert you at just the right time.

Live collaboration in your conversations.

Share a Twobird note and transform a shopping list into a party planner. Assign tasks, make edits, leave comments and discuss changes with everyone involved.

Shared notes are nested inside your email so you can see everyone's ideas come together, in real time.

Email that's easier to read.

Twobird hides distractions like signatures and complex formatting, so you focus on what matters.

Emails can feel formal. Twobird's chatty design keeps conversations light and natural.
Respond quickly with @-mentions that loop people into discussions and emojis, because sometimes all you need is a 

Powerful features to help clear the clutter.

Can't get to it now?

Hit Remind to have a note or email return to your inbox later.

Stay focused.

Low Priority sets aside automated messages so you don’t get distracted.

Never lose your place.

Pinned and Recent lists keep important notes & conversations easily accessible.

Messy inbox?

Tidy Up archives inactive conversations so your inbox stays fresh.

Ready to get the most out of your inbox?

From grocery lists to project roadmaps, Twobird lets you tackle everything from one place. With thoughtful features to help you stay organized, your inbox has never been more functional.

Will my information be kept private?

Yes. We will never use your personal data for anything; we only use anonymous analytics to improve the Twobird experience. For example, we may track the number of times a button is clicked to understand whether a particular feature benefits users. See our privacy policy for more info.

How much does Twobird cost?

Twobird is free. It doesn’t cost a thing. We plan to add premium features in the future, and continue to offer the current feature set for free.

Which email accounts work with Twobird?

Twobird can be used with any email address that is powered by Gmail, including G Suite addresses.

Who created Twobird?

Ginger Labs, the makers of Notability.

Can I share my notes with someone who doesn’t have Twobird?

Yes. When you send someone a note link, they can open the note in their browser and start editing right away without signing up.

Does Twobird support email services other than Gmail?

Currently, Twobird only works with Gmail accounts. We plan on supporting additional email services in the future.

Twobird for Desktop

Available for Mac and Windows

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Twobird for Mobile

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